Yosemite MAC OSYou should be ecstatic that this new MAC operating system has surpassed its mountain-like height expectations. The revolutionized operating system has many of its amazing mobile features and has synced everything possible, with all of your up-to-date Apple devices.

Get Notified

Keeping on task, and not being distracted, is a huge deal in the working world. Everyone wants to stay on task, know their calendar and any notifications they need, without having to open multiple programs. Apple’s notification center, initially in the iOS platform, has now arrived. Being notified, rather than seeking notifications, is time consuming to any business. The simple solution, upgrade and get notifications right on your desktop. These are the following notifications you can receive:

  • Today view
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • Calculator
  • Reminders
  • Messages
  • Tomorrow summary

Got Mail?

Signing documents and inter-office communications has never been easier. The Mail app has been upgraded to help your team move quickly, and save you money on ink and paper. Ditch the printers; you can now sign forms and markup documents straight from your Mac. Mail lets you do all of these straight from the application. The last thing you need is to be bugged by an associate to sign forms when you can make a couple clicks and have it done, instantly. Think about all the paper and production time you can save. Also, hate having large documents that can’t be emailed? Yosemite lets you use a feature called Mail Drop that lets you attach files that are too large to fit in an email. The best part, it is so easy to do because it asks you what you want to do. Get those images and videos to the right person, on time.

Be Synced

With the new feature, Handoff, Yosemite synchronizes all of your devices. Pick up where you left off, bring your notes with you or even be reminded, wherever you are, it has never been easier! Because of iDrive, all of your files, events, notifications and notes sync with all of your Apple devices. Don’t worry about missing meetings because of Sally’s soccer game or not having your notes on you when your computer has no battery life. Let Yosemite’s Handoff handle all of your important files and dates so you don’t have to manually do it yourself, or lose them.

Being behind, in any aspect of your life, means you have to spend more time catching up. Let Yosemite keep you organized and up to date. If you thought your system was efficient, upgrade and see how your stress level will decrease and your productivity will increase. Fair trade.

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