Minimize Disruption to Your Day-to-Day Business Operations!

In today’s highly competitive business world, computers are quickly becoming essential to businesses of all types and sizes; and as a result, it’s fundamental for you to keep your computers operating at peak performance.
Otherwise, you’re risking significant profitability loss resulting from:

  • Lost business opportunities
  • Loss of employee morale
  • Reputational damage
  • Remedial labor costs

That’s where we come in: BEC Technology Consultants, LLC offers Computer Repair & Support for businesses in New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas. Our team of IT experts will eliminate frustrating computer issues to keep your business operating in a worry-free manner! To learn more, give us a call at (504) 282-2236 or send us an email at 

As a busy business owner, troubleshooting and repairing computers isn’t part of your job responsibilities – but it’s part of ours! Our team of IT experts has the knowledge and tools needed to resolve your computer issues as quickly as possible. We’ll help you operate in a worry-free manner by:

Keeping your computers secure & reliable:

  • Tuning up computers
    We’ll install the latest system updates, remove unwanted programs/software, enable basic security functions, and test the functionality of PC hardware and software.
  • Setting up PCs or Macs
    We’ll organize wires and cables with cable ties, test the functionality of new computers, install new software applications, configure new computers for email/Internet access, and transfer data to another medium.

Preventing costly data loss:

  • Backing up data
    We’ll transfer data to new computers, connect hard drives to computers, install/configure software for the appropriate backup schedule, perform the initial backup, and create a restore point.
  • Recovering data
    We’ll recover data from hard and flash drives in the event of a disaster, in order to help you continue operations while minimizing costly downtime.

Taking the hassle out of hardware:

  • Installing hardware
    We’ll install an internal or external PC component, such as a graphics card and optical drive, configure the PC component for applicable use, and install any included software necessary for functionality.
  • Repairing hardware
    We’ll repair any type of hardware – from RAM to motherboards, in order to keep your information technology functioning at peak performance.
  • Setting up printers
    We’ll set up and configure new printers, as well as troubleshoot and resolve various printer issues, to help you maintain productivity as a result of reliable printing capabilities.

Handling all software associated work:

  • Installing software
    We’ll determine software capabilities for computers, install/repair and configure software, perform software updates, and create desktop/start menu/quick launch bar access shortcuts.

Configuring & securing the network:

  • Removing viruses
    We’ll troubleshoot computers, repair operating system issues, remove viruses/spyware/adware on computers, apply security patches, and test the operating system for functionality.
  • Configuring/securing the network
    We’ll install, configure, and secure your wire/wireless router and network, secure your broadband signal, install and configure wireless networking adapter, and enable devices to share the Internet, files, printers, and other media.

When you’re in need of an IT support company that keeps your business IT systems and network secure and reliable, look no further than BEC Technology Consultants, LLC! To learn more, or to schedule a no-obligation information technology assessment, give us a call at (504) 282-2236 or send us an email at

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