Many businesses face the same challenges when adopting new technology. Here are some common problems, and what to remember when confronted by them.

We are often asked by our clients about the latest technologies. Customers want to know what tech is worth adopting, and what isn’t. They also want to know the best way to integrate new technologies into their current operations.

In helping our clients with new technology, we have taken note of many of the common challenges they run into. Many businesses face the same problems, and often need to adopt a different perspective to overcome them.

Utilizing New Technology – Common Problems and Challenges

1. Adopting new tech just because it’s new.

A lot of new technology is useful, while some of it is just designed to sell. Even if the tech is useful, though, it may only be useful for individual companies. Research any new tech you are considering thoroughly and ensure you can actually use it before buying it. Otherwise, you risk having another expensive paperweight or wasting disc space on the software you never use.

2. Not implementing the right systems and procedures.

New tech must be integrated into current business processes to utilize its full potential. Buying the new technology is not enough. After purchase, your existing systems and procedures need to be adjusted to incorporate the new technology in a way that limits disruption and the need for additional training, while still taking advantage of all the new tech has to offer.

3. Failing to win staff over to the new technology.

Some people love learning how to use new technology. Others resent the change to what they consider tried and true systems and processes – a workflow they can do with their eyes closed. For the new technology to be successful in your company, you will need to win over your staff to its use. Ideally, you can make them see its benefits and get them excited about those benefits. But even if they are not enthusiastic, everyone in your company that you expect to use the tech needs to do so.

4. Not training staff adequately in the utilization of the new technology.

Every new technology adopted by your company is going to require training so that your employees can use it. Just because the new tech is similar to something you used before, or it claims to be “user-friendly,” does not negate the need for training. Training is an expense, and it is an area where some businesses get cold feet after spending so much on the new technology. Do not fall into this common trap. Include training costs into your estimates before you adopt the tech, and follow through on the training.

5. Not monitoring the data.

One of the greatest things about new technology is that you can control numerous data points to get a clear picture about its usage and effectiveness. Monitoring data and progress can seem tiresome and unnecessary, especially when you are personally watching your employees and company. But remember that monitoring the data on your new tech is the most efficient way to measure progress toward your goals.

Having worked with so many clients, at BEC Technology Consultants, we understand how difficult it can be to adopt new technology. As your IT team, we are here to help you through the process. Please contact us by phone at (504) 282-2236 or email at today for all your New Orleans IT needs.

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