Given a wide range of Windows 10 trade-offs and shortcomings you may be better off sticking with Windows 7 or 8.1.

Windows 10

We have learned many valuable lessons in our years of providing IT services and support and are definitely of the opinion that the newest and most expensive technology isn’t always necessarily the best.

With all of the hype around last month’s Windows 10 launch and its associated free upgrade, it’s often easy to get caught in the crowd and feel like your only option is to fall into line and upgrade. Most organizations are rightly cautious and take the time to understand the complete picture as part of any planned major change and this upgrade is no different. We are not suggesting that Windows 10 isn’t the way you should go, in fact we feel quite the opposite, however, as with any newly released software, patches or services it is impossible to really know what impact this will have on your system and as such we will always advise caution.

We know that our clients can’t risk working with software that is full of issues which could cause security breaches or compromise sensitive data. We wouldn’t take any chances with our own business operations and you shouldn’t either. We are in the process of thoroughly testing Windows 10 currently and this needs to be completed before we can advise on its readiness for your business. Once we have enough information from the IT world that discusses the benefits and perhaps the downsides of Windows 10 we’ll provide strategically specific plans around when and how your business should make the migration. This will ensure making the switch to Windows 10 aligns with your business goals and that it is really the best option for your business needs.

We want to ensure your business thrives.

Current risks

  • We need to properly test and understand how Windows 10 operates at this time and BEC Technology Consultants recommends to our clients that you do NOT upgrade yet unless you want to be a tester for Microsoft.
  • In a business environment – it is never a good idea to jump into an operating system if your company uses sensitive applications that require specific versions of Windows in their system requirements. Windows 10 right now is also a privacy nightmare and needs certain areas to have rollout updates take place to properly address and fix these vulnerabilities.

Future Benefits

  • Windows 10 will have the combined strengths of Windows 7 and Windows 8 providing flexibility, mobility, simplified operation and a host of tools to keep your business connected and productive.
  • Designed to reflect how you do business, with a unified experience across multiple devices, you will gain secure and easy access to all your resources – contacts, calendars, applications, etc. – from any device.
  • Gain a new personal assistant with the introduction of Cortana, who will now be available on PCs and tablets to help you manage time and tasks. New functions will also allow Cortana to search through your hard drive and OneDrive for desired documents making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, when you need it.

Would you like more information?

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