Smart WatchEvery bit of technology has security threats, including mobile devices. Just because a device is connected by Bluetooth, doesn’t mean it is only connected to one device. Bitdefender, an Internet security company, has just found out that a smartwatch’s data can be intercepted and decoded.

How this Happens

These devices are not very secure: the coding that is used, when transferring the messages, is done in plain text. Bitdefender found this out by going through the phone’s coding. Yes, it was done from a computer, but if someone wanted to they could come up with a wireless interceptor and do this out in public, and you wouldn’t notice.

How to Prevent This

Since there is no way to prevent this, now, because there is no known wireless threat, you need to take precautions. Starting with a basic antivirus on your phone is a good way to keep more than basic threats out. Security apps, like Norton, will protect you from malicious apps and basic threats. It’s not a complete solution, but it is a start.

Be Proactive

It’s hard to stay on top of technology and security, especially as a business. Just because something makes your life easier and has potential threats doesn’t mean you should ignore it, embrace it! Yes, it does have the potential of having security threats, but so do all of your other devices. If you don’t have an IT support team like BEC Technology Consultants on top of your potential disasters, you are not being proactive. Disasters can include data loss, hard drive failure, hackers and malware attacks.

Ask for Help

If you don’t know what you are doing with your technology, or have better ways to spend your time, like on your business, then have a professional do all the work you need completed. The IT consultants at BEC Technology Consultants can help implement complete mobile device management and security for your business. Without a proper backup, you can wind up losing all your accounting data, documents and files that are necessary to your success. With mobile security, you can ensure your data to be safe across the cloud and wireless connections throughout all of your devices.

Don’t jump on the latest technology bandwagon before finding out the potential risks. BEC Technology Consultants is ready to help you find the right mobile technology to meet your needs and keep your business secure. Give us a call at (504) 282-2236 or email us at Don’t be left in the dark; top quality IT support is only a call away.

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