Protect Your Network & Physical Assets While Maintaining Compliance!

Unfortunately, business security solutions are often overlooked, until something goes wrong. While many businesses update their policies and upgrade their security solutions as they start growing, it’s fundamental to ensure proper security is in place at all times, in order to protect your network and physical assets while maintaining industry-specific compliance.

So where do you turn to when you’re looking to protect your business? BEC Technology Consultants, LLC offers security and surveillance solutions to protect your network & physical assets while maintaining compliance! To learn more, give us a call at (504) 282-2236 or send us an email at

Cybercriminals, intruders, and thieves are perpetual threats to your business, and as a result, maintaining a high level of security must be a top priority! In fact, physical and technical security safeguards are more important than ever before. Fortunately, our team of IT experts offers a wide range of security and surveillance solutions, including:

  • Network security: As cybercrime continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, your business is at risk for malware, viruses, and spam. We protect against network security threats using firewalls, intrusion prevention, VPN, and content filtering to keep you, your employees, and your data safe.
  • Physical security: While most business owners consider security to be technical, it’s important to safeguard your physical assets, as well as your employees, against intruders. We protect your physical assets using surveillance cameras designed to monitor and record on-premise activity.

Plus, our team of IT experts has extensive experience working with those in the healthcare, retail, and financial industries to ensure compliance with:

  • PCI DSS: We use Cisco Compliance Solution for PCI DSS 2.0, a set of recommended guidelines to protect credit card data & personal information through a network that meets the compliance regulations of PCI.
  • HIPAA: We use Cisco Compliance Solution for HIPAA Security Rule, a set of recommended guidelines to build a network that meets the technical requirements, best practices, and compliance regulations of HIPAA.


In today’s increasingly unsafe world of physical and technical threats, your business must ensure the security of your network & physical assets while maintaining compliance. BEC Technology Consultants, LLC is here to help you – we offer security & surveillance solutions for businesses in New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas!




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