Cisco Firewall SupportHow safe is your data?

The sad truth is that there are too many New Orleans business owners that take their cyber security for granted, and in this day and age it’s not a matter of IF you’ll be targeted for a data breach – it’s WHEN. That’s why you need to take advantage of the best and easiest IT security systems available – and why you need BEC Technology Consultants’s Cisco firewall support in New Orleans.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and the only way to protect your valuable data – like financial information, usernames, passwords, medical data, and more – is to take advantage of the business-class security that comes with Cisco firewalls. Businesses that don’t invest in a proper firewall are hugely at risk from intrusion and infection by malware.

In fact, the number of data breaches in 2014 was almost double that in 2013!

And small businesses made up over 40% of all cybercrime targets. Why? Because hackers expect that you won’t have the right defenses to stop them – and they’re probably right.

But staying safe is simple when you have the right technology and support on your side. Our team of Cisco-certified engineers know the power of Cisco systems like the back of their hands, and even better, they know how to provide you with all the benefits of Cisco security without you having to lift a finger.

We’ll meet with you, analyze your business to understand where you’re vulnerable, and then provide you with the best defense possible. Whether you need help procuring new Cisco equipment or in configuring and managing your existing systems, we take complete control of your security so you can breathe easy knowing you don’t have to worry any more about anyone stealing your data.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to cybercrime! BEC Technology Consultants’s Cisco firewall support in New Orleans is the answer to all your security needs. Contact us at (504) 282-2236 or to schedule your security consultation.

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