Web HiringDoes your company struggle with finding committed and loyal workers to hire? Are you tired of wasting your time on people that don’t represent your business the way you want! Well, look no further than the World Wide Web! Social media is an invaluable tool that can assist in all your hiring needs. Just as social media is used on a regular basis to find out more about someone, it can likewise be used to find out which candidates are best for hire.

Today there are many social media websites that offer an inside glimpse into your potential employee. One particularly crucial social media website is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used for professional networking, and acts as a kind of online resume. With a simple Google search of your potential employee’s name, a LinkedIn profile may be one of the first search results to appear.  In minutes, you can find out more about your employee – where they’ve come from, what they’ve studied, and who else is a part of their professional circle.

Here are some ways that an employer can benefit from social media when navigating through the hiring process:

  1. Location Location Location!

Looking to hire someone close to your workplace? Utilize social media to stay informed on where your employee resides, and to make further inquiries on their means of transportation.

A simple Facebook or LinkedIn search will provide the necessary information to better assist in your hiring decision.

  1. Background Checks

Afraid of hiring someone who is entirely unfit for your business? Today it is easier than ever to conduct a background check. How does your potential employee’s LinkedIn look? Is it littered with experience, or is it lacking the fundamental characteristics of a career and goal-oriented person.

While you must exercise caution when jumping the gun about someone based on their social media use, it is always good to look at places other than Facebook for an idea on what someone may be like.

  1. Pinpoint a College

If you’re looking for someone specifically related to your business, many colleges typically have a specialization. For example, if your goal is to hire an engineering student, look for the best University in the area that specializes in engineering. Once you have found a school, search social media websites for recent graduates of that school and specific program.

This way, you are weeding out the people unfit and unmotivated for your business, and instead latching on to a young excited professional that has a background closely related to what your company needs.

For more information on how social media can assist your company in the hiring process, contact us at (504) 282-2236 or send us an email at customersupport@bectechconsultants.com. Our team at BEC Technology Consultants is here to to help ensure you find the best fit for your company through online means.


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