technology strategyHere’s the Top Questions You NEED to Ask Yourself to Find Out!

When companies don’t have the right technology strategy in place to achieve the best possible business outcomes, they fall behind their competitors and get left behind. It’s that simple. Technology is ever evolving – when was the last time you reviewed your technology plan? Do you even have a technology plan in place?

IT is not just a tool these days, because for many companies, it is “THE TOOL” as technology continues to advance and allow for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and above all, profitability.

Some of the key questions you should always be asking include:

  • Does your IT help your company reach the goals you’ve set?
  • Can you easily integrate new software and is it functioning well?
  • Should you move to the cloud if you haven’t already done so?
  • Are your security systems up to date and protecting you?
  • Have you established or updated your disaster recovery plan?
  • Are employees happy with your systems and have they been fully trained?
  • Can your employees work comfortably from any device or location?
  • Are you backing up your critical files on a regular basis?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions, then it’s time to re-examine and re-evaluate your technology!

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