spam emailEmail has become the most effective way for your employees to communicate with clients and one another; however, it’s also become the number one way for your security to be compromised.

Did you know 88% of emails sent are spam – and 44% of malware infections occur due to malicious email attachments?

You must prepare to defend against threats, such as:

  • Spam: An attacker sends an email potentially containing malware or links to websites that contain malware.
  • Phishing attacks: An attacker sends an email claiming to be from your bank or another trusted company, often sending you to a malicious website.
  • Spoofing: An attacker sends you an email with a link or attachment that automatically downloads malicious software when clicked.

What makes email protection so vital? If your customers’ personal or financial data falls into the wrong hands, do you think they’re going to trust you enough to keep doing business with you? Chances are, they won’t – and they’ll let other people know; damaging future business opportunities in the process.

You simply can’t afford to leave your email unprotected, because without customer trust, your business will go downhill. How does BEC Technology Consultants keep your email protected? We provide email and spam protection designed to safeguard the gateway to your business:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring to detect and resolve any intrusion or threat via email that comes your way.
  • Spam filtering with automatic quarantine of dangerous, frustrating, and potentially dangerous emails.
  • Email encryption, if necessary, to safeguard sensitive information that’s sent and received via email.

BEC Technology Consultants keeps your email safe and secure to avoid sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Call (504) 282-2236 or send us an email:

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