It’s one thing for a business to have installed Wi-Fi networks, but it’s another thing to ensure that the equipment is and will continue to work properly. This means the network should be able to continue supporting the growing demands of a business. It should be able to upgrade automatically whenever necessary to provide the latest and most convenient improvements available. This may sound simple and manageable by the IT staff, but it can be challenging.

Managed Networks

Having in-house IT staff means that you have to get in line with other departments and wait your turn before you get help. They already have enough work each day so your Help Desk request may get pushed to the back. This is just one reason why it can be beneficial to have a trusted partner manage your Networks and computers.

The Right Fit

So many managed IT providers say that they’ll be there when you need them. How can you find the right fit for your business? It can be challenging in this day and time, simply because of all the many great choices. But, it can be helpful to sit down with your supervisors and talk to them about the ideal IT provider – someone who will take the time to listen to you, show concern about getting it right for you, someone who really will become a trusted partner.

A good IT partner will stay on top of daily maintenance for your hardware and software. They’ll keep the Wi-Fi equipment running smoothly. They will make recommendations about new products your company could benefit from. If you could find an IT service provider who stands by their promises, imagine how much easier your life would be. Your company would stop demanding so much of your time. You might actually get a vacation this year.

How to find your IT Managed Services Provider

Talk to other businesses owners in your area. Ask them to recommend someone. Check all names, credentials, and reputations online. You can find out quickly whether someone has a good strong reputation in the business world. Visit the company and meet some of their staff members. Do they seem capable, knowledgeable and skilled? If you walk in and find a young receptionist on the phone with her boyfriend and two of the techs in the back flirting, then get out of there quickly! That’s not the right place for you.

You’re serious about your business. You want it to succeed for yourself and especially for your family. So don’t settle for lame vendors that never show up and don’t do good work when they do meander by your place. Take as much time as you need finding a professional team of IT techs who know their jobs exceptionally well and love to come to work each day. These guys will know what’s going on when you get the Blue Screen of Death. They can fix it remotely in just a few minutes and you’re back to work.

Communicate your needs

When you find the right IT managed support team, sit them down at your office and make it clear that you want the very best they can give. You’re in this to win it and if they want to go along for the ride, they’re welcome. But they will have to pull their weight.

When you set down some guidelines right at the beginning of any relationship, you’ll find that the relationship is much more rewarding for both people. Of course, there will be contracts to sign that will state and include everything you talk about. A good contract is clear about what your responsibilities are and what the IT provider will provide. The cost should be included and can be a monthly charge or a fixed price you pay several times a year. Most vendors will work with you because they want your business.

Below, are just a few of the more important IT and networking services/products that your business needs:

  • Cloud storage and backup
  • Remote monitoring/management of servers, desktops, mobile devices
  • Business continuity plan in case of disaster
  • Cybersecurity for all computers and devices
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • Scalability
  • 24/7 tech support

There are many other services you could opt for and you should discuss this with your IT professional.

The best managed wireless is all about handling many different services well. Every phone and computer should be secure even those of remote workers. Communications should be up and running 99 percent of the time. If you run a hospital or medical office, then you understand the importance of a good communication system. Most providers will suggest VoIP. It’s cloud-based and dependable, plus it can fit nicely in any budget.

With managed services, an organization should not have to worry about maintaining their Wi-Fi networks. Work with someone you have confidence in; someone who will exceed your expectations. You need a good, trusted IT service provider who is willing to get to know your business and work right alongside you to see it grow. Don’t settle for less than the best!

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