Over 76% Of Local Business Have Experienced A Security Breach In The Past 12 Month.

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Many Are Totally Unaware That A Breach Even Occurred.

The times are changing. Cyber-attacks are, sadly, becoming more and more common and business. Because of this, CEOs from all sorts of companies are expressing concern over cybersecurity and are finding themselves willing to do whatever it takes to stay safe. Cyber threats have caused the largest increase of fear in CEOs, more than any other business hindrance. While many CEOs still view over-regulation as an impediment on their growth, many are saying they welcome government/business collaboration when it comes to cybersecurity.

PwC conducted a survey of US CEOs and reported several interesting facts from their findings.

  • Almost 45% of CEOs in the United States say they’re ‘extremely concerned’ about lack of cybersecurity, making them the most concerned group among nations. Worldwide, about 21% of CEOs said cyber threats were a major concern.
  • 35% of CEOs worldwide stated that digital technologies create ‘very high value’ in digital trust and cybersecurity. In the US 42% answered the same.
  • Most of those surveyed ranked cybersecurity as the most strategically important digital technology.
  • The largest companies tended to show the most concern over cybersecurity and also placed it highest on their list of importance.
  • Globally, 43% of all CEOs said that they welcome harmonization between business and government when it comes to cybersecurity. This percentage increased with higher revenue companies.
  • Banking CEOs expressed the overall highest concern over cybersecurity compared to any other industry. Retail CEOs expressed the least concern.

2015 looks like it may be a turning point in cybersecurity, moving towards greater collaboration between business and government on regulation, standards, and preparedness. Cybersecurity is an uphill battle – its complex and always changing. That’s why businesses need to work together and use the best technology to stay ahead.

Is your company properly protected against threats and aware of how to deal with breaches or hacks? Are you willing to seek assistance and accept advice and regulations from the government if it means better security going forward?

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