Is it time to reinvent your company’s approach to IT management to keep pace with the times? Consider these approaches to effective outsourcing.

The digital transformation will accelerate in 2017, and it’s no longer realistically possible for businesses to expect to master every innovation. While it’s impossible to be an expert across the boards, managed IT services can fill in the gaps.

Managed IT services can be invaluable to businesses that need to reserve critical resources for other operations. It can free up existing staff for targeted projects and make the entire IT department available for other important tasks. But while handing over technology requirements to a trusted partner is liberating, which areas should be outsourced, and which handled in-house?

Outsourcing Intelligently

The specific services that can and should be outsourced will vary from business to business. However, the standard variable should be that the service is not among the signature offerings. If it doesn’t set you apart from the competition or define your brand, it can probably be safely outsourced. Some examples might include email and security technology; however, this depends on the primary focus of the business.

Maturity is also a factor. Ironically, it’s best that an IT department has mastery of a service before it is outsourced. That way, the transition can be made and maintained more smoothly. Knowledge of a service will allow your IT team to document the details thoroughly and more readily explain processes to a third party. Your in-house personnel will also be more accurately able to assess if the managed services provider is doing an adequate job.

It All Depends On Your Goals

Of course, while the above advice may apply to many businesses, it might not apply to yours. It depends on your vision, current processes, and desired end game. While handing off the more mundane aspects of a business allows your in-house team to focus on expansion and innovation, this may not characterize your needs.

Some in-house IT departments simply don’t have the experience and expertise to take on the role of innovation in the C-suite. This is where the adage “Know thyself” (or “Know thy staff”) comes into play. In some cases, it might make sense to hand off the most strategic elements of your business to an expert. The IT staff can then function as a reliable workhorse and engine for the services that drive your business from day to day.

The Changing Role of IT

The role of the IT department is continually evolving. At one time the IT department was a primary operator and overseer of technology in business, these days it is increasingly becoming a hub or anchor for these services. As such, IT departments must be made more adept at working with and managing third parties. Increasingly, IT departments are the brokers and screeners of these services, ensuring effective governance, transparency, and security.

Again, it’s simply not possible for today’s businesses to be masters of everything, especially with technology moving and changing so quickly. Given this reality, it’s important to be intuitive about how to delegate and outsource. What matters most to your business and clients? The answer to this question can provide insights about the areas in which managed IT services will be an ideal fit.

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